Raiffeisen Polbank (Poland) Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 Raiffeisen Polbank (Poland)

Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 Polbank i raiffeisen 2012

Yesterday, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority KNF approved the application of Raiffeisen Bank Polska to merge with its full subsidiary Polbank EFG. The legal merger of the two banks is scheduled for the Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 of the year. In order to fully leverage synergies that arise of the joint operation, as well as to acknowledge Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 currently rather cautious outlook for dni Pozyczki 60 na domestic economy, new regulations and reduced demand for conventional banking services, the new http://dobra.chwilowkabezzaswiadczen1.pl/pozyczki-prywatne-weksel.php will undergo a restructuring programme.

This programme will comprise, among other issues, the reduction of the joint workforce Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 the closing of a limited number of branches. Therefore, new staff will not be hired to replace those leaving on their own. Some branches located in direct proximity to each other, therefore providing no additional benefit to customers, will chwilowki lomza be closed.

This is why the overlap between the banks is rather limited. Still, a merger process always entails redundancies in processes, structures and, not least, staff. The merger between Raiffeisen Bank Polska and Polbank EFG combines the excellent international standing of Raiffeisen as a financial brand with the high recognition of Polbank in the local market, Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 well as the pure retail footprint of Polbank with the strong position of Raiffeisen Bank Polska in the corporate and SME segment.

RB International Finance USA LLC. Approval is starting point for unification of market approach and operational merger process. Cost synergies to be achieved by optimization of the branch network and the staff number, among other measures.

Polbank i raiffeisen 2012 Raiffeisen Polbank (Poland) Raiffeisen Bank Poland, present on the market under the name. Raiffeisen Polbank is a universal bank offering.

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